Zwilling – Pro 4.5″ Mini-Cleaver


~ Curved bolster supports the professional pinch grip for safe, comfortable cutting
~ Entire length of the blade can be used for cutting
~ Full tang ensures the blade is exceptionally strong
~ Blades are sharpened and polished by hand
~ Made in Germany

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Sometimes a chopper is required for preparation work in the kitchen, primarily for chopping garlic or cleaving a chicken. A normal chef’s knife is not always suitable for chopping vegetables or meat. It can even be dangerous when there is a chance of slipping. In such situations, it’s better to reach for a solid chopper with special blade design that doesn’t require muscular strength even when cleaving tough pieces of meat. The ZWILLING Pro series mini chopper boasts a balanced weight ratio and sits particularly comfortably in the hand with its 12 cm blade. The blade of the SIGMAFORGE knife is forged from a single piece of steel. Made from special formula stainless steel, it is especially corrosion-proof and durable. During manufacture, FRIODUR blades are additionally refined with special ice-hardening. In addition to its exceptionally high quality, the chopper impresses with its functionality and attractive design. The plastic ergonomic handle facilitates effortless and safe working and boasts a classic 3-rivet design. Thanks to its shape and slightly curved bottom, the chopper continues to sit comfortably in the hand even after prolonged work. This premium ZWILLING Pro series chopper makes cooking even more fun.