Wusthof – Epicure 9″ Slicer Knife


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Breeze through your precision kitchen prep with WÜSTHOF’s 9” Slicing Knife from the Epicure line. This beautiful slicing knife was made with a single piece of steel and is ideal for slicing and carving meats.

WÜSTHOF’s patented Precision Edge Technology makes this 9” slicing knife even sharper helps it retain its edge even longer, so you can enjoy smooth slicing for a long time to come. Its translucent ceramic coating also gives this steel slicing knife a harder, stronger blade, and protects your knife from corrosion and scratches.

This slicing knife also features a stunning, Epicurean recycled wood composite handle that truly stands out in the kitchen. The blade and handle were designed to have perfect balance with a modern, ergonomic shape that both protects your fingers while you work, and provides you with a more comfortable grip.

From slicing deli meats for your sandwich, to carving a roast chicken for dinner, WÜSTHOF’s 9” Slicing Knife makes a great addition to any home cutlery set.