Mason Cash – Size 24 Powder Blue Mixing Bowl


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There’s no other ware like earthenware! Stand at the forefront of centuries of cooking experience poured into the classically inspired Color Mix Powder Blue 9.4” Mixing Bowl by Mason Cash. Reinforced with durable earthenware, the mixing bowl naturally resists the urge to move around atop any flat kitchen surface as the force from you mixing up thick sauces, eggs, pancakes, and so many others is applied. And as the bowl sits taking the brunt of your daily mixing, it also resists any chips on the outside and the inside. It happens more often than not: suddenly dropping it or bumping it into something. The bowl’s resilience is the perfect ingredient in maintaining the overall look and feel of your bright, lively kitchen décor. Beyond the powder blue exterior is an artistic textured pattern that makes gripping and holding so much easier for mixing. The typical mess isn’t avoidable, even with a bowl such as this. But no worries about cleaning; the dishwasher is a quick, easy option. Standing in your kitchen filled with nostalgia, reach for the Mason Cash Color Mix Powder Blue 9.4” Mixing Bowl and relive those moments thick with feeling while whipping up a delicious batch of homemade caramel brownies.

Mason Cash Color Mix Powder Blue Mixing Bowl Features:

  • Chip-resistant, strong earthenware
  • Safe in dishwasher, freezer, & microwave
  • Heavy enough to stay still but light enough to move around
  • Textured exterior for easy gripping
  • Beautifully balanced in design
  • Powder blue finish