HIC – Saute Tong, 11.75″


HIC Kitchen Saute Tong, 11.75″

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HIC’s Saute Tong makes cooking and food preparation a breeze! Whether sauteing, frying, turning, or tasting foods, it’s specially designed bowed handles are flexible for a super secure grip to tackle everyday cooking tasks with the most comfort. A useful addition to kitchen utensils, the serrated tips grab and hold onto foods securely for easy maneuvering. From snacks to family or holiday meals, the narrower profile easily reaches into tighter spots while the longer handles keep hands safe from heat. Great for sauteing, wok cooking, stir frying, steaming, frying, and more. Stores away easily in a kitchen gadget drawer or a utensil holder on the counter. Made from stainless steel, HIC’s Saute Tong is strong and durable. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.