Butter Bell – Reactive Glaze Bronze Matte Finish


Butter stays fresh and spreadable for weeks without refrigeration!

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EXCLUSIVE MATTE FINISH DESIGN – Our reactive glaze bronze matte finish Butter Bell crock is a limited edition piece, and is sure to sell out quickly. The beautiful glazing on this piece creates a unique patina, and no two pieces are alike. This type of reactive glazing can yield different finishes on each piece; some may be slightly darker, some may be lighter. A gorgeous statement piece for the dining table or to give as a gift.


The reactive matte finish series is keeping in step with today’s contemporary home decor trends while providing a bit of time-honored ingenuity for serving and storing fresh butter. The Butter Bell crocks are durable and scratch-resistant, and you’ll never have to worry about hard, refrigerated butter that’s impossible to spread ever again.